Why James Bond Should Really Wear Sneakers

james b ond running

The world's favourite spy, James Bond, has long been a style icon. From his Brioni and Tom Ford suits, Omega watches and stiff British dress shoes, men want to be him and women want to be with him. However, as dapper as he looks when all suited up, his outfits hardly seem the ideal choice when pursuing super villains and the safety of the world is on the line. 

This is especially true when it comes to his shoes. As elegant as a pair of Church's or Crockett & Jones man seem, they are certainly not designed for foot pursuits, parkour or hand to hand combat atop of a moving train. Aside from the obvious issue of grip, running through the streets in a pair of leather soled shoes is murderous on the joints - personal experience has taught me that. 

While appearances are extremely important for a man of 007's position and stature, the rigours of his profession demand a more modern footwear solution - especially since Mr. Bond has Q to supply him with all types of high tech gadgets.

With that in mind, it seems Mr. Bond would be a prime candidate for a sneaker that looks like dress shoe. This would allow him to maintain appearances without compromising his physical abilities. After all, we would hate to see Bond bested by a villain in sneakers!

Which shoes in our Windsor Collection do you think Bond would wear? Leave your comments below.

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james bond needs sneakers

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PAtrick Lyons

He would wear the Windsor all black or black patent leather.

I work as an executive protection specialist for a major energy corporation. How you dress and accessorize is critical to blend in with the other executives and your surroundings so you don’t stand out as what you actually are. A common practice in the protective industry is to evaluate the footwear that individuals are wearing as your shoes tell a lot about who you are and what you do. Anyone wearing little Italian loafers or stiff soled shoes is most likely not another executive and not a threat. Military or tactical style footwear with a $1000 suit is a dead giveaway. With Noble Soles I can wear approximately stylish footwear and blend in far better , but have the comfort and performance of a sneaker. You guys have found a great market in my industry as everyone is looking for an edge to keep their people safe and never look out of place.

Stay Safe
Patrick Lyons

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