The Sneaker Disguised As A Dress Shoe

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This fall we're excited to release a shoe that achieves the perfect balance between dress and casual. We have created a sneaker that looks like a dress shoe but gives you sneaker comfort. In fact, when worn with a suit, most people won't even notice you're not wearing dress shoes. And because it's a sneaker, it goes perfectly with your casual outfits. 


To achieve this balance we took a dress shoe upper with a perforated medallion on the toe and placed it upon a sneaker sole. But not the typical sole that every sneaker brand is using at the moment. Instead we chose a sole with a slightly tapered toe to mirror the silhouette of an elegant dress shoe - giving you dress shoe style without dress shoe discomfort.

If you've been looking for a sneaker that can actually take you from business to pleasure stay tuned because pre-orders are launching soon on Kickstarter.

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Dale James

I would love a pair!

Felipe Zatarain

So awesome… having to dress nicely for work, but with knee issues has always made shoes a challenge. This sounds promising.

Bobby Russon

Hey there, let me tell you what drives me crazy: nobody ever makes shoes like this in my size. I’m a 14wide or 15regular, and my options are either sporty sneakers, or plain old dress shoes. Anything in the middle is absolutely off limits to me, and it just kills my style. If I want to wear jeans and a dress shirt, I either have to rock sneakers or full on dress shoes. It’s killing me. IT’S LITERALLY KILLING ME. Ok, it’s not literally killing me, it’s not even figuratively killing me. But it would be really nice if you made these in my size. ;)

Shawn Papillion

When and where can I buy a pair or two?

Justin Wilson


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