Never Wear Dress Shoes Again!

Never Wear Dress Shoes Again!

July 31, 2017 1 Comment

cap toe and wing tip dress sneakers

This fall we're excited to release more shoes that achieve the perfect balance between dress and casual. We have created a variety of sneakers that look like a dress shoes so you can quite literally "sneak" into your next board meeting in comfort. 

Last fall we released the original Sneaker Disguised As A Dress Shoe with tremendous success and were convinced that men around the world need a sneaker they can wear incognito with a suit.

Our new additions to the Windsor Collection include a no-nonsense cap toe oxford, a versatile wingtip, a  sleek chelsea boot, and a no-fuss loafer These new styles still embody the elements that made our original Sneaker Disguised As A Dress Shoe so popular:

  • Ideal for work and play: Imagine wearing a sneaker to work and looking professional. Now you can have dress shoe style without dress shoe discomfort.
  • Travel Lightly: Taking a trip for business with a side of pleasure? No need to pack 2 pairs of shoes when 1 one will cover both bases.
  • Orthotic Friendly: Our full length removable outsole is perfect for those who require orthotics in their work shoes.

Let's take a minute to meet the new members of our dress sneaker family.

The Oxford:

cap toe oxford sneaker


The quintessential business shoe, The Cap Toe Oxford has long been the most formal shoe to wear with a suit. We've adapted this classic into sneaker form to give you that powerful boardroom style without the aches and pains of traditional dress shoes.

The Wing Tip:

We've all seen wing tip sneakers before, but none strike that perfect balance between classic and modern quite like this. Featuring our signature tapered toe and low profile sole the Windsor Wing Tip is the perfect replacement for that stiff pair of brogues sitting at the back of your closet. 

The Chelsea Boot:


While a Chelsea boot with a sneaker sole has been done before, they all have a rounded blunt toe and white sole that makes them too casual to wear in a professional environment. Our new boot features a sleek tapered toe that goes as perfectly with your suit as it does with your favourite pair of jeans. Added plus, no laces.

The Loafer:

loafer sneaker

If you're a frequent traveller, our loafer will quickly become your new best friend. This laceless addition to our collection effortlessly slips on and off - perfect for easing your transition through security. The same tapered toe makes this shoe business friendly while the sneaker sole affords you maximum comfort while you sneak in some sightseeing.

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August 30, 2017

the wingtip is legit. What colors are you thinking?

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