S.O.S. Save Our Suede

S.O.S. Save Our Suede

November 25, 2015 1 Comment

We love our suede shoes and because of that we wear them ALL the time! Unfortunately suede is a little more sensitive than leather and when life happens on your shoes, suede is a little harder to clean up. Weather it be getting caught in the rain, dog drool or anything toddler related, your suede is in danger. While suede brushes and erasers are wonderful at removing water stains and dirt there comes a point of no return where it seems like nothing can possibly save your suede. 

I recently reached this point with my granite Tudor mids. They served me well all summer long despite the fact I mistreated them something awful! Unwilling to retire my trustworthy suede shoes, I reached for the mink oil and gave them new life.  The end result is almost as good as a new pair of shoes! The suede looks refreshed - although it is a shade or two darker. The other benefit is that the mink oil protects the shoe from water, making your suede shoes a lot more useful.

To do the same for your shoes you just need a couple of items:

  • mink oil
  • suede brush
  • a clean cloth or sponge
  • an old pair of suede shoes

To begin, clean all the excess dirt off your shoes with a suede brush (if you don't have one a cheap toothbrush will do just fine). Once the shoe is clean, remove the laces and grab the mink oil.

Take a clean rag or sponge and scoop up a generous amount of mink oil and smear it on your shoe. Spread it around by rubbing it in a circular motion, taking care to get it in between any seams. Once you've completely oiled one shoe, move onto the next. 

After both shoes have been oiled, take another clean rag and wipe off the excess oil. This helps dry your shoes and raise the suede nap. Once you're satisfied, re-lace your shoes and you're good to go. Its just that simple!



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April 15, 2017

Try a damp magic eraser on the outsole! It’ll bring those back to white.

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