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Italian Leather Sneakers Designed To Look Like Dress Shoes

By combining dress shoe elegance with sneaker functionality we have created a sneaker you can wear to your next board meeting and get away with it!   

Designed for both work and play so you can easily transition from the office to the weekend. To make the transition as painless as possible we've taken care to ensure our shoes are great lookingsuper comfortable and of the highest quality.                        

Two years ago we launched our original Sneaker Disguised as a Dress shoe on Kickstarter and validated our new approach to men's footwear. Last year we expanded the collection to offer more variety and versatility. This year we're introducing 2 new styles and reinvigorating some of our most popular shoes with new colours and textures.

The new additions to our covert sneaker collection include a business friendly Penny loafer and the classic Americana Tassel loafer. In addition, our popular oxford, brogue and chelsea boot styles have been enhanced with new textures and colours. As always, we have taken care to ensure these shoes are dressy enough for a suit but wear just like a sneaker. 

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We created NobleSole as an alternative to the discomfort of traditional business shoes. 

Good quality dress shoes are pretty heavy duty in their construction but the downside is they hurt your feet and take a long time to break in. Rather than use these traditional construction techniques we have opted for modern strobel construction which results in a lighter and more flexible shoe.

We have also done away with old fashioned elevated heel. Dress shoes typically have 2.5 cm (1 inch) heel which throws off your body's natural alignment and can cause back and joint pain.  Our shoes have a 5mm (0.2 inch) drop from heel to forefoot so you can walk naturally and pain free.


Look the part at work while experiencing all the comfort of a pair of sneakers.


Easily transition to business casual or weekend chic by wearing them with your favourite pair of jeans.


No more wasting precious space in your luggage thanks to multiple pairs of shoes. Now you can skip the long wait at the baggage carousel and get right down to business.

Orthotic Friendly

If you require an orthotic our insoles easily slide out so you can comfortably wear the shoe without compromising your health or safety. No more sizing up or praying the shoe will stretch enough to be comfortable.

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Size Guide
Choosing your size.
If you are unfamiliar with European sizing, it can be useful to measure your feet before ordering. Doing so will take just a few minutes, and save you the unnecessary time involved in exchanging your shoes. You can estimate your shoe size by measuring your foot length toe to heel.

Place your heel against the wall and on a piece of paper mark the tip of your longest toe. Measure the distance between the wall and your toe marking. Repeat the process for your other foot. Use the measurement of your larger foot as your shoe size.