Should James Bond Wear These Shoes?
Sneakers disguised as dress shoes so 007 can enhance his performance without killing his style.
While appearances are extremely important for a man of 007's position and stature, the rigours of his profession demand a more modern footwear solution - especially since Mr. Bond has Q to supply him with all types of high tech gadgets.

With that in mind, it seems Mr. Bond would be a prime candidate for a sneaker that looks like dress shoe. This would allow him to maintain appearances without compromising his physical abilities. After all, we would hate to see Bond bested by a villain in sneakers!

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Size Guide
Choosing your size.
If you are unfamiliar with European sizing, it can be useful to measure your feet before ordering. Doing so will take just a few minutes, and save you the unnecessary time involved in exchanging your shoes. You can estimate your shoe size by measuring your foot length toe to heel.

Place your heel against the wall and on a piece of paper mark the tip of your longest toe. Measure the distance between the wall and your toe marking. Repeat the process for your other foot. Use the measurement of your larger foot as your shoe size.