How To Pack Lightly For Business & Pleasure

How To Pack Lightly For Business & Pleasure

January 16, 2018

travel lightly

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, travelling can be tricky. And when you carry a lot of luggage it gets even trickier as you navigate through crowded airports, into taxi cabs and through the streets of unknown cities.

The secret to eliminating travel stress is to pack lightly. All it takes is a bit of discipline and planning. Plus we’ll share a few items that make our travels easier and hopefully they'll do the same for you.

First and foremost limit yourself to just your carry-on. Not only will doing so ensure you don’t pack a bunch of unnecessary items but it will also spare you the endless wait at the baggage carousel.

So how exactly do you fit everything you need for your trip into a single carry-on?

Go Neutral: when selecting clothing for your trip, opt for neutral shades and like colours so you can easily mix and match items. If you insist on bright colours, use the colour as an anchor piece to build multiple outfits around.  And if you’re travelling for business, a crisp white shirt just makes sense.

Only the Essentials: a couple pairs of pants and a few shirts should be all you need (plus the requisite undergarments). Feel free to add a few items for layering in colder climates and to add a bit of variety to your travel outfits.

Max your personal item: Typically you're allowed 1 carry-on and 1 personal item when travelling. Don't waste this opportunity on a small laptop bag. I personally take a backpack to hold all my camera gear, laptop, and a book or two.

Below we've compiled a few of our favourite items that make our trips easier. Check them out and let us know in the comments what your favourite helpful travel items are. 

Packing Cubes: Instead of just rolling your clothes (saves more space than folding) you can put everything in packing cubes. These smart cubes from Vasco are great because they save up to 60% of the space in your luggage, keep you nicely organized and the labeled cubes remind you to take all your essentials.
  • vasco packing cubes
Travel Blazer: When it comes to travelling for business we love the travel blazer from Bluffworks. Not only is it lightweight, wrinkle-free and machine washable (what? No dry cleaning?!?!?) it has a total of 10 pockets to fit everything from your passport, wallet to an iPad mini. A great pick to make your journey through security and onto the plane super easy.
  • bluffworks travel blazer

Non-Iron Shirts: While you will probably only need 1 suit or blazer for your business trip, it’s always a good idea to have an extra dress shirt. While we prefer white dress shirts, Twillory has a great selection of  non-iron dress shirts made from their safe-cotton technology (formaldehyde free).
twillory non-iron shirts
Versatile Shoe: Shoes can be especially tricky when travelling because they take   up so much space in your luggage. So what if you could travel with 1 pair of shoes that you could use for business and casual? That’s where our Sneakers Disguised As Dress Shoes come into play. Now you can travel with just the shoes on your feet and not waste any precious space in your carry-on.

travel light

Carry-on Garment Bag: On the off chance that you will need more than 1 suit while you’re away you’ll have to ensure it arrives to your destination in wearable condition. You can either bring along a travel garment bag and hope you can hang it in the front closet of the plane. Or you can invest in carry-on sized rolling garment bag like this one from Briggs & Riley. Unlike most other rolling garment bags, this one is upright so you can easily roll it down the aisle of the plane. briggs & riley upright garment bag

These are some of our favourite travel items. Let us know yours in the comments below.


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