How To Keep Your Suede Shoes So Fresh And So Clean

navy suede sneakers

We're big fans of suede here at NobleSole because they offer a wonderfully soft expression which complements clothing in a way completely different from leather. Unfortunately, suede has wrongly gained a reputation for being delicate and hard to care for.  

The truth is, caring for your suede shoes is actually easier than giving your leathers ones the occasional polish. When it comes to suede, dust and dirt tends to stick to the surface and its a relatively simple fix. Pick up  a suede brush from any decent shoe store or cobbler and gently brush the shoe to remove the dirt - I find that even water marks can be removed with the brush because the action lifts the suede's nap.

If the stain is a little more engrained, gently rubbing the stain with a suede block/eraser (pictured below) will do the trick. If you find your shoe is a little discoloured in places, there are special suede care products that will freshen up the colour - you just have to be sure they are the same colour as your shoe. Generally, however, you can skip that step and finish up by spraying your shoes with a protector that will repel water. And just like that your suede is clean and protected!

suede eraser


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