How to Keep Your Shoes Looking Noble

October 29, 2015



As shoe enthusiasts, we always have tough decisions to make this time of year. Probably the toughest decision is which shoes to put on ice for the winter time and which shoes to wear this winter? If you’re like us, wearing 1-2 types of boots for 4 months is a straight up downer. So what do you? Well, there are pretty much two routes you can go. Protective/Cleaning Sprays or overshoes. If you're going with the spray option, you'll need at least one of these 3 products.

Shoes Cleaner + Protectors + Moisturizers

One of the best ways to maintain your shoes over the fall/winter months is to own at least one of these 3 products. Protective sprays will allow you to wear your shoe as you normally would without being ruined by salt, snow or rain.

Shoe protector

How many times have you been at Footlocker and one of the associates tries to upsell you on their protective shoe spray? I probably have 4 or 5 barely used cans laying around my apartment never to be used again. They worked (kinda), but today, there are a variety of shoe protector sprays that work perfectly. A protective spray is perfect for our suede Earl Low-top or black Tudor mid-top, these sprays will protect the premium leather all through the winter! Protective spray is kinda like Scotchgard for your shoes.


Rustoleum’s NeverWet

A fantastic product, water and other liquids bounce harmlessly off the shoe leaving little (depending on product) to no stains at all. A quick base coat and top spray should protect your shoes all winter long. (Note) After drying the product leaves an almost chalky laminate feeling to your shoes - learn more in this video


Jason Markk Repel

Our favourite overall shoe care system. Jason Markk makes a product for all your shoe needs. They specialize in creating chemical-free cleaning products, that work well and smell great! Repel fairly is comparable to the NeverWet. You will notice that liquids don’t seem to bounce off like the NeverWet product, but there also won’t be a protective film covering your shoe.


Shoe Cleaner

A Shoe cleaner will not protect your shoes, but if you don’t want to run the risk of ruining the material by spraying them this may be your best bet. If treated quickly, most shoe cleaners today can remove minor salt or snow damage.



Well known in the sneaker community, Reshoevon8r does an admiral job of cleaning most synthetics and leather products. With a hint of black licorice scent, Reshoevon8r is a basic shoe care system that will clean your shoes.

Jason Markk

Jason Markk’s shoe cleaner is another staff favourite and is chemical free! The cleaner will work with synthetic materials, leathers and even our suede collection. Be careful when treating suede make sure to watch their video on how to clean them properly. 


Shoe conditioner

Dry cold winds, ice, and snow will speed up the process of cracked leather, keeping the leather moisturized will ensure beautiful soft leather through the winter. Shoe conditioner is a budget friendly option and there are hundreds of products that essentially do the same thing. If you’ve got leather boots or high top sneakers you were hoping to wear for mone than one winter, invest in a shoe conditioner.



You may have seen your dad wearing these beauties - overshoes. Once, plain and highly unfashionable, overshoes now come in a variety of shapes, colours and styles. They’re great if you want to protect your shoes easily without constantly having to apply different products. Overshoes are perfect for footwear that should normally never be worn in winter. It’s a small investment that will extend the life of your footwear and are easy to slip on and off.

Ultimately it doesn’t matter what you choose. If it lets you wear your favourite Noble Sole sneakers year round, it’s well worth the investment!

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