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Suede To Dye For

October 06, 2015

Recently, we decided to experiment with colour and shoes. Specifically with changing the colour of suede sneakers.  

To start, we took a pair of our granite suede Tudor mid sneaker and decided we wanted to turn them blue. Because the grey suede was already fairly dark starting point, we picked a medium blue dye rather than Navy. 

Step 1: Place an old towel down on your workspace and arrange your tools.

You will need:

  1. suede dye (we used Fiebings Suede and Roughout dye)
  2. a soft applicator (usually included with the dye)
  3. green painters tape
  4. a pair of clean suede shoes

Next, use the green painter's tape to mask off the sole. Be sure to get the tape over the lip of the outsole and squeezed ever so slightly into the crack between the upper and the sole.

Remove the laces from the shoes and apply the dye panel by panel. Try to apply the dye as evenly as possible - it'a pretty runny stuff so it takes a bit of practice. Don't stress if the shoes look terrible after the first coat. The second and, if necessary, third coats will even everything out.

One you have applied all the necessary coats of dye, let the shoes dry for about an hour and remove the tape on the sole. Also, if your laces are cotton and you want them to match the shoes, feel free to dip them in dye as well.  Once you have laced the shoes back up, you're ready to hit the road in a completely new pair of shoes! If you like, you can rub mink oil onto the suede. This will help weather proof your sneakers, give them a cool distressed look and help even out the dye (if they still look a little patchy in places).

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Size Guide
Choosing your size.
If you are unfamiliar with European sizing, it can be useful to measure your feet before ordering. Doing so will take just a few minutes, and save you the unnecessary time involved in exchanging your shoes. You can estimate your shoe size by measuring your foot length toe to heel.

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