Fall in Love with Suede

October 02, 2015

Earl Chukka with a tweed jacket and flannel pant.

I don’t know about you, but when is it gonna be fall already?!  Unless you’re willing to die from heat exhaustion, Toronto summers force us guys to wear only a few essential pieces -  T-shirts, short-sleeved button-ups, shorts, lightweight chinos, and joggers. Anything thing else and you’re sweating like an animal wherever you go. I know, first world problems right? But that’s the great thing about fall, you’re not limited to a few types of materials.

Thankfully your footwear  gets a switch up as well. As it gets colder you’ll be looking for shoes that will stand up to weather but also look great in casual and professional settings. Luckily, NobleSole has you covered. Suede shoes are perfect for fall and will look great if you beat them up or keep them clean and crisp. This fall, we’re offering an amazing suede collection that will cover all your bases.

To give you a little background, we use full grain suede from Italy. Full grain suede offers a supple feel yet has excellent durability. A lot of footwear companies use an inexpensive split grain suede, which makes for lower-quality footwear with poor durability.  Fortunately, Noble Sole only offers premium materials with our footwear. Because we're shoe lovers who are fanatically devoted to creating the best sneaker possible, we refuse to compromise quality.

This year’s suede collection comes in two cuts - a chukka boot and a low top. The soft expression of our suede complements a variety of fall materials including, tweed, wool, corduroy and dark denim. Our navy blue suede works excellently with gray or brown slacks, and our chocolate brown suede looks great with a pair of dark selvage denim. Black as always, works with pretty much any fall attire. Our suede collection is currently available in our store now! Click Here to shop.

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