Why We Love White Sneakers

Yes! it’s finally starting to feel like summer. Time for late nights out, weekends at the cottage, after work patio chills and pretty much anything else you can imagine. With everything you’ll be doing this summer you gotta make sure that your outfits are built to go in the summer. It’s hard to stay sharp since the heat can make you look sloppy and uncomfortable. And no one wants that, least of all you. Stick to light colour and materials and you’ll stay breezy even during the muggiest of days!

Being a footwear brand obviously, we’re going to tell you to start with your footwear when putting together your summer wardrobe. Pastels and funky colourways may be in, but there’s nothing like a crisp white sneaker for the summer time. Growing up, all-white Converse or Stan Smiths were the ultimate summer wardrobe staple. They just work with pretty much anything you’re gonna wear this summer. Dress them up with a khaki suit or dress them down in distressed jeans and a white T and you’ll look fresh to death. Maybe it was the early 2000’s that moulded me, but every man should have a white sneaker in his closet.

The great thing about white kicks is that they’re timeless. Ever since athletic shoes became popular casual wear we’ve seen decades of iterations of the white sneaker.  It excels by creating a clean unbroken silhouette and with today’s menswear trend of monochromatism, the white sneaker reigns supreme once again. One of best qualities of a white sneaker is the contrasts it creates with every outfit. While black sneakers create the same effect, during the summer a white shoe just feels right. The Tudor Low Bianco is our take on this menswear classic. Elevated with premium materials, the look and feel are that deserving of a king.

If you don’t have a pair of white shoes, we at NobleSole strongly to encourage you to add a pair to your summer rotation. And if you’re worried about scuffing them or getting them dirty stay tuned for next week's tip on how to keep your white shoes clean. 

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